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Tips For Fatty Hair Care

For many women, fatty hair is a real problem. Fatty hair looks pretty unpleasant throughout the year, but especially in summer and in winter, as well as in those days when the weather is rainy and the humidity is high. Some specialists suppose that too fatty hair is a result of some hormonal imbalances, which […]

First Aid To Your Hair: Hair Care In Autumn

In summer we try so hard to take care about our hair and protect it against harmful effects of dry weather, hot sun and salty water. However, it is hardly possible to be 100% successful and keep our hair in idea condition all summer long. That is why in autumn, many of us start experiencing […]

Seawater and Our Hair

In summer most of us like swimming in tender salty waters of seas or oceans. Swimming is a great and very relaxing activity which is extremely beneficial to our body and health. However, sometimes direct contact with salty seawaters can have negative effects on your hair, especially if it is weakened and dried out by […]

Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer gives a great opportunity to every woman to look more sexy and beautiful. However, lots of sunlight and warmth in summer affect our hair to a great extent. That is why in summer we experience many various problems connected with hair. Those include, first of all, too dry, brittle and frizzy hair, split hair, […]

Hair Loss in Spring, What to Do?

Undoubtedly, spring is the time for beauty and love. In spring, every woman need to take a special care about her look and her hair. A lack of sunlight in winter and a lack of natural vitamins in spring can affect our hair. That is why the majority of women are unhappy with dryness, brittleness […]

Simple Hair Care Tips for All Modern Women

Unfortunately, it is quite common among today’s women not to take a proper care about their hair. This happens not only due to a usual lack of time and numerous other problems that we all have to solve in our daily life. In addition to our daily activities and stresses, not every one of us […]