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Interesting Facts About Our Hair And Its Health

Hair is one of the principle elements of our image, that is why most of us treasure our hair and take proper care about it. We buy special shampoos, hair conditioners and tonics in order to nourish and moisturize our hair, and we use all possible hair styling techniques for making our hair look bright […]

Can Dry Hair Cause Hair Loss?

Dull, brittle and too dry hair is quite an unpleasant condition to deal with. Many of use experience what is it like to have dry and brittle hair in summer time, when we are exposed to excessive sunlight or when we go to swim in chlorinated water. That is why it is very important to […]

Warning: Brazilian Blowout Can Cause Hair Loss

Recently, Canadian hair care specialists warn hairdressers’ and beauty salons to terminate providing hair care treatment known as Brazilian Blowout. This happened after a woman from Calgary, Susanne Harvey, started experiencing an extensive hair loss after visiting a salon and having this very trendy treatment. Brazilian Blowout is a new hair styling technique which has […]

Herbal Solutions For Brittle Hair

In summer, many of us have to face a problem of weak and brittle hair. Especially this problem is familiar to those people who have too dry or long hair. In particular, brittle and weak hair is usually hard to handle and comb, because it gets tangled easily and does not want to be put […]

Tips For Effective Hair Care In Winter

Winter is usually a real challenge for our hair. Temperature fluctuations, the necessity to use headwear, avitaminosis, seasonal depression and many other factors affect our hair health in winter. That’s why in this season, some of us have to face such problems as dull or brittle hair, split ends, and even hair loss and thinning. […]

3 Hair Nutrition Tips

Our hair care usually requires lots of efforts and patience. In order to maintain a good health of our hair, we are using various expensive shampoos, lotions, conditioners and other hair care products, as well as natural hair care remedies. We protect our hair from negative effects of the environment, especially in summer and in […]