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Split Ends: Causes And Cures

Split ends is a pretty much common problem familiar to many modern women. It is especially common to those of us who has long hair, and those of us who live in too dry areas. Usually, if we have split ends, the hair goes dull, too dry, lifeless, and starts crying for help. Split ends […]

Tips For A Proper Hair Care

If you are among the ones who are fighting against such problems as thinning hair, hair loss, hair greying and brittle hair, you should consider the following recommendations and suggestions of experienced hair care specialists which can assist you in your efforts and make your hair looking great and gorgeous again.

A Pill To Prevent Grey Hair

Gorgeous, healthy and beautiful hair is one of the key elements of everyone’s appearance. However, healthy and good looking hair is a dream for many modern people, both men and women. A great deal of people suffer from such common problem as hair loss, which is linked to numerous reasons like improper hair care, stresses, […]

Myths And Truth About Our Hair

Many of us believe in some ideas or “facts” related to hair care, which should actually be considered myths. Certainly, there is a greta deal of such myths not only about hair loss, but also about many other common issues like weight loss, healthy nutrition, skin care and so on. All the time we receive […]

Is Your Shampoo Calorie Free?

We all know for sure that such a problem as obesity and having extra weight can be solved by a successful combination of a healthy and low calorie diet and a regular exercise program. But who could imagine that the shampoos we are all using could also cause weight gain? According to the findings of […]

Useful Hair Care Tips

In spite of numerous advanced technologies which can help everyone of us improve our hair condition, assist us in re-growing and restoring our hair, natural hair beauty and health do not lose their value. Hair care is one of the main topics of today’s public concern because it is our hair which can help us […]