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Vitamins For Healthy Hair

When we are thinking about slowing down and preventing hair loss, the first things that come to our mind is using appropriate hair care products, as well as numerous natural hair loss treatments (including essential oils, herbal infusions as hair washes, etc.). The second thought of the people who really care about their hair health […]

Benefits Of Emu Oil For Hair

Emu oil is a commonly used product obtained from natural fat of Australian emu birds. After being used for many centuries by Australian indigenous populations, this product has recently received a great popularity around the globe due to numerous health benefits and therapeutic powers. This oil is used for producing many special hair care products, […]

Coconut Oil For Your Hair

Coconut oil and coconut water are amazing natural products with plenty of natural therapeutic properties. They play a key role in skin care and can be used as ingredients of many skin creams, tonics, moisturizers and other cosmetic products. These natural extracts can assist in preventing cardiovascular problems including heart disease and others.  It is […]

Hair Care Tips For Holiday Season

We are all now thinking about coming holiday season and get excited about Christmas and New Year magic. For some of us, such factor as doing Christmas shopping, catching good discounts and looking for the best Christmas presents is the most important issue. For some, thinking about Christmas and New Year parties brings the most […]

Static Hair: Natural Fixes And Treatments

In dry winter days our hair always falls under increased risks of becoming brittle, lifeless and dull. At the same time one more problem is becoming quite common in winter. This problem is especially well familiar to those who have long hair. This problem is static hair. If your hair is really very long, electrostatic […]

Peppermint Oil For Your Hair

Peppermint essential oil is a pretty well known remedy which plays an important role in natural hair care. It is recommended not only for hair loss prevention but also for stimulating hair growth and improving hair quality. This oil is one of the oldest herbal remedies known around the world for its excellent stimulating and […]