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Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

Undoubtedly, coconut oil is one of the latest trends in the market of skin and hair care products. For the moment, it is a very well promoted and a greatly demanded natural remedy. I know so well that some of us tend to develop a suspicious attitude toward the products which are too much promoted […]

Symptoms And Effects Of Biotin Deficiency

Biotin is a substance, a type of water soluble vitamin B known also as ‘hair growth vitamin’. Some experts call it vitamin B7, some use the name vitamin H, and some just say coenzyme R. No matter how it is named, bioting belongs to the list of the most important and vital vitamins which is […]

Thin Hair Care Tips

Thin hair is a very common hair type in most of European and American women, that is why there is plenty of relevant hair care products are available in our markets and beauty shops for effective thin hair care. Certainly, it is very important to understand that those who have thin hair should have different […]

Tips From Ayurveda For Hair Loss

Since the early epochs, having think and healthy looking hair has been a dream of all people around the world. In every single old school of natural medicine like Traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy and related traditional European systems, as well as in modern approaches like Anthroposophical medicine, there are plenty of effective natural remedies and […]

Using Hair Wax For Hair Styling

Hair wax products are styling products used as an alternative to hair gel. It is also known as styling pomade, and it is considered more advantageous compared to other styling products since it does not contain alcohol (unlike hair gels which eventually cause hair drying). Therefore, best hair wax is alcohol free and contain wax […]

Emu Oil Shampoo Info

Choosing a proper shampoo for your hair care is very important. A good shampoo should, first of all, be specifically designed for your hair type: dry hair, oily hair, damaged or brittle hair, etc. Besides, it would be good if your shampoo has plenty of natural ingredients, like tea tree mint shampoo, or others. Finally, […]