Camphor Oil For Hair Loss

camphor oil for hair lossMany of those who suffer from hair thinning and going baldy sooner or later make a choice in favor of various natural treatments for hair loss. It is possible to use special herbal remedies and natural formulas like Provillus, which were specially designed by specialists for all those today’s people who need an effective alternative approach to the problem. Also, it is possible to use various essential oils and herbal extracts, herbal infusions and other natural products in order to both prevent and slow down hair falling out. There are numerous effective herbs and plants which can assist you in that. Camphor oil for hair loss is one of such great natural products.

This remedy has been known and used for many years. Camphor oil can become a great and very powerful natural solution for those who want to stop hair loss, as well as improve hair quality and get rid of brittle and weak hair. Camphor is a very beneficial natural product which has amazing antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This natural product can be used by anyone of those who suffer from hair loss, but the magic power of this remedy is being able to slow down hair thinning and loss in those cases, when this condition is caused by prolonged and severe stresses and anxiety.

Camphor is a known relaxant which can be used in conjunction with many other natural oils in order to relieve stresses and nervous tension, in order to calm down, relax and this way stop thinning hair. If you are suspecting that such factor as constant stresses contributes greatly to your hair loss problem, just have a warm bath with several drops of camphor, lemon or orange, and lavender oils. This seance of aromatherapy will help you calm down and get rid of negative thoughts and emotions very soon. Or, you can use a special aromatherapy lamp and enjoy the benefits of these oils by inhaling their amazing natural aroma.

Another therapeutic property of camphor oil is very effective stimulating powers. Using camphor oil for hair loss can help stimulate additional blood flow to the scalp by simple massaging it into your scalp and keeping for 5-10 minutes. This way your hair follicles will receive more nutrients and moist, thus, they will have better environment for developing and growing. As a result, you hair will start re-growing and looking more healthy and shiny. Add several drops of camphor oil to your usual shampoo or hair care lotion, and very soon you’ll notice great positive effects: your hair will become stronger and look more shiny.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great post about Camphor Oil For Hair Loss. Didn’t even know that Camphor oil is so good to cure hair loss problem. Most important is Camphor oil is made by natural ingredient.

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  3. Jacky says:

    how do i use camphor oil to help with hair loss?

  4. Jenn says:

    I just started using camphor oil since my hair has become really oily and thin. I also would have itchy scalp and since I’ve been using the oil in warm water massaged on my scalp and throught my hair. I wrap in a towel and let sit for a half hour. I wash out with rzepa shampoo ( black turnip ) which also helps with oil and thinning. My hair hasn’t looked this good since I was a kid. I’m only in my 20’s and I have noticed a great difference and much improvement. I highly recommend! Forgot to mention that I do the camphor oil treatment once a week. I added a few drops to my shampoo as well for everyday washings.