British Scientists Are In Search For A New Baldness Cure

Baldness CureAll of those people who suffer from hair thinning and loss are in constant search for an effective hair loss treatment. Many rely on natural treatments for the problem, trying to use such known remedies as essential oils, herbal infusions (for hair rinsing and strengthening), or special hair care formulas designed and based on 100 per cent natural ingredients. For most of people such remedies work fine, however, it requires pretty much of patience to receive visible effects. Those who want to achieve immediate results opt for having hair transplant, laser treatments, or other similar hair loss treatments, which do really bring lasting and fast results, but are sometime very costly.  Some people choose to improve their diet and lead more active lifestyle, get rid of bad habits like smoking, or use less harsh hair styling, which are also considered very effective strategies for improving hair quality of preventing hair loss, both in men and women.

However, all of those who know everything about the problem of hair loss from their own experience are eagerly waiting for some new and effective baldness cure which would be available, effective, and affordable for everyone who is in need of such a treatment. For the last few decades, the scientists have been promising us to find such a unique solution shortly, and they are working really hard to get a clue to solving this common health condition, hair loss. Lately, an international group of British and American scientists reported starting extensive tests of new natural hair loss treatment which is considered quite promising. The experiments were scheduled to start in the early 2013, and the main objective of this research was to study the effects and possible side effects of the technology proposed by Gary Hitzig, an American hair loss specialist, as a new hair loss and baldness cure. The planned study was not too long, therefore we can expect the researchers coming up with their findings very soon.

A new treatment is an interesting innovative formula based on a component extracted from plasma of the blood of the patients and a secret ingredient, a special powder received from bladder of pigs. 20 volunteers, healthy men and women living in the United Kingdom,  were invited to participate in the study. The experiments were supposed to involve injecting the new treatment to the volunteers, and the procedure is going to be performed by the treatment developer himself. Dr. Gary Hitzig reported that he has started using hims innovative formula and helped to over 200 patients in the United States. He is convinced that the remedy can play a role of a new baldness cure and turn into a new word in modern field of hair loss treatment and prevention. The study in the United Kindgom was planned to be supported by a scientific group of specialists from at The Private Clinic in London’s Harley Street, led by Dr. Raghu Reddy, one of the leading hair restoration experts of the clinic.

According to Dr. Gary Hitzig , the mechanisms of his new baldness cure working for hair restoration are the following. The remedy can work to create a protective barrier for healthy cells that provide development and growth of healthy hair follicles. The designed treatment can duplicate the healthy environment for healthy hair growing, this way being able to act as a very powerful hair growth and hair restoration boosting agent. The treatment developer underlined that the treatment would be a not expensive and not bulky alternative to the existing hair loss treatment options (the procedure lasts only for about 30 minutes). It is interesting that scientists hope that newly proposed technology can be used both for male and female hair loss patterns, with approximately the same efficiency. Hopefully, we’ll get the information about positive results of the experiments, and our expectations about receiving a new baldness cure, a more effective and affordable one, will finally come true.

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