Warning: Brazilian Blowout Can Cause Hair Loss

Brazilian BlowoutRecently, Canadian hair care specialists warn hairdressers’ and beauty salons to terminate providing hair care treatment known as Brazilian Blowout. This happened after a woman from Calgary, Susanne Harvey, started experiencing an extensive hair loss after visiting a salon and having this very trendy treatment.

Brazilian Blowout is a new hair styling technique which has been marketed for many years as a special treatment that can improve hair condition, nourish and moisturize, create a protective layer around hair shafts and assist in eliminating hair brittleness making hair look healthy, glowing, radiant and gorgeous.  Women were assured that for the procedure specialists use a safe natural solution based on natural amino acids and other natural elements. However, it was reported that Brazilian Blowout procedure caused hair loss.

Clinical tests have shown that the solution used for Brazilian Blowout had increased dangerous levels of formaldehyde. Scientists found out that the solution contains up to 12% of this chemical when the permitted amount is about 0.2%. Many women have sensitivity to this chemical, that is why a lot of us are under higher risk of having hair loss after this popular hair care treatment. It is known that exposure to formaldehyde in high doses is linked to very serious health problems like cancer and others.

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  1. Jessica Weiskopf says:

    I am experiencing hair loss and major scalp irritation from the B. Blowout and can find no information on what to do about it and if my hair will ever grow back! Can you please advise?

    thank you.

  2. Sarah says:

    I am experiencing the same thing from the B. blowout. I have already been to the Dr for blood tests, ruling out any medical issue, and also seen a dermatologist. They could find nothing wrong. I had the B. blowout done 10 weeks ago and have been experiencing extreme hair loss the past 9 weeks. No bald spots, just extreme thinning everywhere. You can see my scalp. HELP!

  3. Josie Story says:

    I had the Brazilian Blowout about 2-1/2 months ago, and since then have lost at least half my hair! IMHO, I believe that this product should be taken off the market!!! I think that if my hair had been relatively thin at the time I had the procedure done, I would probably be bald by now, and what really worries me, is that it continues to come out by the handsful, so I may end up bald anyway! I’ve also had several health issues since that time in the “head area”, including bad headaches and serious eye issues. I believe these to be related to the formaldehyde content of the Blowout solution.

  4. anne mohl says:

    My hair is thinning after a brazilian blowout, too. Does it grow back? I can’t find anything that answers the question.

  5. Susan San Diego says:

    I started the B. Blowouts back in Sept 2010 — I loved my hair at first but then noticed terrible breakage.. however, I continued to get them. NOW after several, my hair is falling out in gobs and broken and brittle. Its so bad I wont even get my needed color. I have also resorted to thinking maybe something else is going on enough I have seen a dr who is doing blood tests. DONT get this treatment. IMO its not good for your hair. It doesnt Moisturize or anything else and the fumes are horrible! I thought I had finally found something that would straighten my hair.. NOw I am left with 50 % of what I had.. I have no clue if it will ever grow back. I am also taking a new suppliment called GROH — My Dr recomended it… her hair is gorgious and she is over 50! Good luck ladies..

  6. Lori says:

    Had my 3rd BBO in a year with great results the 1st time, not quite as good the 2nd time. The third treatment didn’t seem to take at all & I have hair falling out by the handful. Soon I won’t have to worry about my hair as I won’t have any left. My hair seems to be falling out from the roots with the hair shaft appearing to be very thin. Hope it grows back… 🙁

  7. Josie Story says:

    Ladies, I posted previously, and wanted to tell you that, after a little over 5 months, I am still experiencing hair loss. I am also having a number of really odd symptoms – some still in the “head area” (as I mentioned in the other post), and some are rather serious respiratory ailments. I am even being tested at the moment for cancer, even though having never, ever smoked. I will post again if these tests prove positive.
    All I can say is, please ladies, don’t put vanity above your health. We are only given one life! Make the most of it. And remember two old sayings: 1.) Where there is much smoke, there must be fire; and 2.) If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck! In other words, with so many Brazilian Blowout clients having sudden onsets of the same symptoms (especially enlargement of the hair follicles), can anyone doubt that the B.B. is causing this??? Too much circumstantial evidence, people!

    Formaldehyde is a dangerous, dangerous substance, and I worry so about all the many hairdressers who are exposed to far more than a just a client! One hairdresser with whom I spoke, said that her salon had to stop doing B Bs, because two of the hairdressers, themselves, were getting sick and having to be taken home, everytime a BB treatment was given. (I took that to mean that even when ANOTHER hairdresser was doing the treatment, THEY got sick, but I could be wrong in my understanding. If I knew her phone #, I would call and clarify; but I feel certain that’s what she meant.)

  8. K.A. says:

    BUYERS BEWARE!!! I, too, am experiencing extensive hair loss after having received the Brazilian Blowout a month and a half ago. The worst is while washing my hair with the expensive, recommended Keratin shampoo and conditioner. The drain is FILLED with my hair and while blow drying my hair, more comes out. Throughout the day I have hair falling out which comes out in my hand. As much as I love the smoothness and straightness provided by the treatment, I’ve lost a very noticeable, significant amount of hair and just hope that it will grow back over time. My days of straight, smooth hair will just have to be over if I want to maintain ANY hair on my head at all.

  9. T.M says:

    Ladies, Im a hairdresser and work on board cruise ships, where there to the product has been discontinued. My eyes burnt everytime i used it and i am also experiencing hair loss, I had the teatment over a year ago and its still coming out!

  10. Jennifer says:

    After getting 3 Brazilian blowouts, my hair started falling out in clumps, mostly in the shower and combing it while it was wet. I have very thick hair and always lose quite a bit, but nothing like this. I was starting to notice bald patches in the back of my head. I panicked liked crazy and went to websites to see if others have experienced this. Sure enough, I wasn’t alone. I took some advice from others and started taking 5,000 units of biotin every day. Against my better judgment, I dyed my hair, even though it might have damaged my hair even more. I guess I didn’t care at this point and accepted the hair loss. Well 3 days after starting the biotin and the day after dying my hair, my hair loss has completed stopped!! I’m not sure if it was the biotin or coloring it, but something cured it. I’m thinking the coloring might have changed the structure of my hair and killed the chemicals from the Brazilian. At any rate, I’m quite happy that I won’t be bald.

  11. Shelley says:

    I had the Brazilian Blow over 6mths ago and then again 2mths ago and have now lost over 1/2 of my hair. The first time I had it done, I had some hair loss but I truly thought it was from blow drying it flat e/o day. I had such thick hair I really didn’t notice. I went from super curly hair to unbelievable straight hair. Both times, I was told by my stylist that the product was formaldehyde free. It’s not like I didn’t do my homework; she even showed me the bottle that stated it was formaldehyde free but found out later that when blow dried the chemical changes to formaldehyde. I have gone to a dermatologist who ran lab work and everything has come back normal. At this point I just want to get some help but can’t seem to find anyone willing to treat me. It is falling out from the root and I don’t see any new hair growth. Does anyone know of any treatment that may help stop this hair loss?

  12. Michelle says:

    Wow…I wish I would have found these comments earlier. I have very thick, wavy, frizz prone hair, so I finally decided to get an Express Blowout that my hairdresser has been recommending for awhile. Within 2-3 weeks of the treatment I noticed a huge hair loss. Even though I have a lot of hair and have a lot of natural hair loss daily, I noticed for the first time I could see my scalp. I really noticed I have a receding hair line now that I have never had, however it does appear that there is some new hair growth there. I had the blowout about 4-5 months ago. I have mentioned this each time I have been back to my hairdresser about the huge hair loss and not once did they suggest it could have been from the blowout. Fortunately I only had one treatment. Please tell me my hair will grow back! I think I am going to try the Biotin.

  13. Katrina says:

    I had two Brazilian Blow-Outs. Since the second one, my hair has been falling out in clumps. Like other people who posted here, it occurs mostly when I wash it. The amount is frightening. At this rate, I will be bald. Even worse, it appears that my hair is even more frizzy now than it was before the blow-outs. Sure wish I listened to my stylist when she warned how bad this stuff is for you. I cannot imagine what it is doing to the stylists that use this stuff all day- I’m hoping for a ban of these products in the US. I know several people whose vanity continues to get in the way of good judgement and continue to use them. I am going to try Biotin as recommended in earlier posts to see if I can stop the hair loss.

  14. beth says:

    OMGOODNESS…same here….had one treatment and started loosing my hair….completely freaked out….had recently had my thyroid checked so knew it wasn’t that….my mother did tell me about biotin and I started taking it…well see if it works..the girl above said it worked for her so I can only hope! I was also told by stylist that it was formaldehyde free…??? anyway…try biotin..over the counter supplement…you can get at walmart….fingers crossed!

  15. Laureen says:

    Help!! I had my second Brazilian Blowout done in April 2011 and started losing my hair about 4-6 weeks later. That was in June. It is now the end of September and I am still experiencing hair loss. My hair is falling out at the root. Is that the case with the rest of you? I have noticeable hair loss on the crown of my head. I have also been taking biotin since August. Please comment.

  16. Anne says:

    I had a Brazilian Blow-Out done in June and over the last several month I have lost a ton of hair. At first it was not that noticeable but now I can see scalp. I’m a hair stylist and did my home work as well. I have had chemical relaxers caused breakage but not actual hair loss. I’m concerned and have started taking Biotin and using Rogain.

  17. Jen says:

    I had the blowout in May and I’ve lost half of my hair. I had thick hair before and never thought I’d have this problem. I even asked the hair dresser when I sat in her chair if it can cause you to lose hair and she assured me it wouldn’t then joked that I can afford it anyway. I take hair skin and nails which is Biotin 3000. I’ve taken it for about two weeks now. I still notice hair coming out but you do lose so much hair a day so I’m not sure if it’s the norm or if it’s still falling out. I do notice the drain in my tub is empty the last couple weeks so I see that as hopefully a good sign. I’m staying on the biotin and hoping for the best. I also take Centrum multiple vitamin. I’m 25 and never thought I’d be fighting hair loss..ever! It’s been four months since the blow out and I’m ready for this to stop so I can concentrate on trying grow back the hair I lost. I had blood work done and it’s not my thyroid like the doctor suspected. I might start on iron pills and see if that helps too….

  18. Jen says:

    Also I called the girl who did my hair. She said it could be my thyroid and said she’s never heard of it but would get info from a friend in her salon that does them more and call me back in two days..it’s been a week and a half. Let’s just say i’m not counting on her calling me anytime soon

  19. Christy Amos says:

    I too have the same problems all these women have . I had one Brazilian Blow out and have significant hair loss . I have lost half my hair . I have spent hundreds of dollars getting mass amounts of bloodwork and Dr apts to endocrinologists and Dermatologists only to be told probably blow out nothing health wrong with me . Please help me keep what’s left of my hair …,

  20. MJSMIth says:

    Yes..I too had the brazilian blowout July 4th weekend. my hair was realtively thin to begin with and very frizzy. it calmed the frizz but at a price. It was fine for about 3 weeks and all of a sudden i got an extremely red inflamed itchy and hurting beyond itchy scalp. Like crazy itchy. I thought it was from a product i was using, but in hindsight i have to think it was the bbt. My hair loss also began at this time. Withtin a month my hair was noticeably thinner. falling out in handfuls. I’ve lost quite a bit of my already fragile hairline that I actually have a noticebale bald spot ontop. I would do anything to have my old thin frizzy hair back at least i did not have bald spots. Ugh Im praying with vitamins and rogaine it grows back. Ugh the joys of beauty….

  21. tammy says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how common a problem this is. I had a brazillian blowout done 3 types almost a year ago now and at first I thought I had found the holy grail solution to my frizzy curly hair. However after about a month or so I realized it was making my hair texture really weird and I had two ‘tender’ areas at the front of my scalp that weren’t there before. I stopped getting blowouts and those tender spots have turned into mini bald spots – I am only just started to get /some/ hair regrowth in those areas. My scalp in those areas still feel weird… DON’T GET THIS TREATMENT LADIES!

    I can’t believe it was even allowed on the market.

  22. Kat says:

    I had a blowout last august (2010) and LOVED it, but over the past year, I’ve noticed my hair thinning a LOT. I miss the effects of the treatment but I’m definitely NOT getting it again just in case this is what is making it thin so much. I never had this problem, and now I’m shedding like a dog. I’m only 19 too, so it’s not like it’s from natural aging.

  23. T jai says:

    I had the BB in 9/2010 and got it again in 2/2011. It is now 10/2011 and my hair has not totally reverted. The only natural texture I have is the 4 inches of new growth in my hair where my hair has grown out. Even the new growth is coming in thinner and less curly than before. My hair is thinning and I can see my scalp also. I know it is the product/the technique to apply the product…the excessive heat. My hair is damaged and I am anticipating a big chop. In addition to washing with a shampoo with salt in it, these are the following oils that I will be using in order to fix my scalp and regrow my hair. Rosemary, tea tree, lavender, coconut and safflower. Hopefully, in about a year or so, I will have my previous hair back. Thanks a lot Brazilian Blowout, you should be shot!!

  24. Diana says:

    I too have had 3 BB’s and the past few weeks (1 month after the 3rd BB) my hair is falling out in huge clumps. The drain in the tub must be emptied every day and then there is tons more on my comb etc… Luckily, I have very thick wavy/curly hair, so it’s not yet noticeable but I will NEVER get this treatment again – EVER! I’m going to try the Biotin to see if it will put a stop to this.

  25. Holly r says:

    Girls, I am so glad I found this site, I too had only one treatment done in May and initially LOVED it…however in July I noticed major hair loss every time I washed it….I have a drain catch in my bathtub and I can’t tell you how many times I have almost cried…. My fear is my hair will never grow back. My ponytail I used to only have to wrap twice with a scrunchee band, now it’s 3 to 4 times! Omg. I too will try Biotin and see if that helps. 🙁

  26. Faris says:

    Hey, I did brazilian blow out too but I did not see extreme hair loss until the 2nd time I did it. Now, it is coming out by the clumps in the shower and when I comb my hair. I found out 2 things that was certain about Brazilian B, it causes residue build up that most shampoos cannot clean unless you go to do a scalp cleanse treatment at the salon which can be very expensive (180 US). So if your scalp has build up, it blocks the hair follicle which clogs your hair follicle resulting in the hair falling off (thus, hair loss). 2nd thing is BB actually weakens and damages the root of your hair which is why your hair is easily prone to break off. Many of you ask will my hair grow back. It depends if Brazilian B has weaken or damage your roots. For me, it has done both so I will have some permanent hair loss from different spots of my head. Now here is the solution. I actually went to a ‘hair loss’ speciality facility where they scan your scalp with a microscope. What I found out was my scalp had build up that clogged my hair follicle. I never had this problem prior to Brazilian B. I bought 3 different expensive shampoos that specializes in scalp cleanse but none of them worked. After countless trials and error, I found this solution, ladies listen up! Wash you hair with fresh aloe vera (chopped up and blended). Then dilute your old cleanse shampoo (i recommend Neutrogina cleansing shampoo) with aloe vera ( 1/10 shampoo and 9/10 aloe vera blend). Make sure it is fresh and straight from your garden! You will notice your scalp is clean with very little or no hair loss after shampooing. If you do not have access to fresh aloe vera, then use lemon drops and only lemon drops to wash your hair. Then condition the ends only, not the scalp (any organic conditioner). This will only clean the build-up from brazilian B that most shampoos cannot get out! Apple Cider Vinegar does not work in this case. Only aloe vera and lemon juice is your best shot. This will stop immediate hair loss. To heal your roots in order to grow back after it is weaken, not damaged, I recommend 2 things. Externally, you need to keep your scalp clean (lemon and aloe vera). Internally, take diatomaceous earth for hair loss. This will help.

  27. breann says:

    my sister got the b. blowout and she is having major hair loss we pull out at least 3 handfulls of hair evertime we brush it ou… we dont know if she’s having illnesses or anything because she’s mentally handicap… not worth the money!!!

  28. Melanie says:

    OMG i just wish i had found this site before i had the treatment. The product was call ‘hair go straight’ Not sure if anyone else had it done? I could cry right now. every morning when I comb my hair, tons fall out. I also have a really dry scalp now. I don’t know what to do. If anyone can help me, please. I had very thick hair when wet but quite thin when blow dried. I basically had it done for frizz and to reduce drying time.

  29. Judy says:

    I had a bb in early October 2011, in Alaska. Loved it at first, but after about 4 weeks later, I noticed a trend developing (much more than usual hair loss in my hands when applying the bb “mask” conditioner. My hair was staying clean for so long, that I only washed my hair and applied it once per week at the most, not the “twice-weekly” that they recommend. Anyway, I kept thinking the hair loss was not a big, long-lasting deal, until the last week or two. Now I realize my scalp is getting sore spots on the top and crown of my head. I can see that my hair has thinned on top, but I haven’t looked specifically for bare spots or burns (too scared right now). I have read the comments about taking Biotin pills, but since I have lots of gray hair coming in and am afraid about dying my hair, can anyone please give advice about coloring my hair or roots? Does it really stop the hair loss? Thx!

  30. Mimi says:

    If only I had read these reviews before getting my last brazilian blowout. My first and second one were great..my hair looked wonderful and everyone said how smooth and pretty it was..my third one was about 3 weeks ago and was done after my hair was dyed and highlighted all on the same day..I noticed that my hair was visibly thinner when she finished the hair cut and was a little alarmed..the BB product really burned the top of my head because she had opened the pores when shampooing after the hair dye..ladies do not ever have both of these things done on the same day..my hairdresser assured me it was okay but clearly it is not okay..my hair is so thin now that I am seeing drs and getting blood work done to rule out any diseases..I am quite sure there is nothing physically wrong with me.. think the BB damaged my hair and is causing the thinning..I am going to try Biotin, as I figure it can’t hurt..I am really upset with what has happened to me..I do not recommend this procedure to anyone.

  31. Mila says:

    I have had friends who have the same problem after the blowout, that’s why I’ve decided to stay away from it. I know castor oil can help with hair growth, so that might be worth a try. It certainly won’t hurt you (unless you are allergic).

  32. mary says:

    HI Faris,

    I will try the aloe, but are we also adding the leaf part as well as the inside when we chop it up?


  33. Julia says:

    Can anyone please post whether your hair loss after the BB has been permanent? Has your hair eventually grown back or not? I would really like to know if/when hair stopped falling out, and if it ever grew back over time. I see the methods people are trying, but I’m curious if they were effective, and if so, how long it took.

    Basically, I got the BB for the first time just two weeks ago, and just like everyone else here I have since lost massive amounts of hair. Really wish I’d found this site before. Only two weeks ago my hair was long, thick, and healthy. But yesterday I had to cut most of it off, because it looked stringy, unhealthy and thin and parts of my scalp started showing. In addition, I’ve experienced some symptoms including itchy rashes all over, headache, fatigue, burning in back of mouth/throat, dizziness and shakiness. I’m otherwise extremely healthy and physically active. I’m now washing my hair every day with shampoo with sulfates and mixing with salt. All of the pro-BB sites advise against using products with sodium chloride (salt), in order to maintain the BB. So sulfates and salt must be the way to remove it as quickly as possible. Going to start soaking my head in a pot of salt water. Also taking Biotin. I’d appreciate if someone could post their long term results. Thanks.

  34. Catherine says:

    I had a BB in January. The salon told me that it was a natural treatment and did not contain any harsh chemicals, because I told her that I had allergies. I went to the Dr. about a week later due to dryness in my eyes, and irritation. Did not connect the two. About two months after the treatment my hair started to fall out when I washed it, brushed it. I had very thick hair that took a long time to dry. I noticed fraying of the hair in the middle, because my hair is long. It looks like it got dried and broke off so it is sticking out all over my head. Then more hair loss. I too use to wrap the scrunchie twice, now at 3 times. And still losing hair. My sink is full as I brush it daily. It is really scary. I also had some respiratory issues and lost my voice. It has yet to come back to normal and it has been 5 weeks. I called the company and they said their product is safe. Although they admit to changing the formula. They assured me non of my symptoms were related to their products. I called the salon and they said they no longer use the product but they never called me to tell me to stop using the shampoo and conditioner. I am trying a detox regimen for 21 days, and some vitamins for hair growth, and going to the dermatologist to have him take a look.

    We honestly should start a class action. I am from IL and anyone else from IL should do so as well. This is outrageous that we would not be told the risks, and in fact be told it is an all natural treatment of vitamins found in your hair, which is what I was told.

  35. Amelia says:

    Im totally shocked having read all these posts. I have just recently had the brazillian done & I noticed that my hair was falling out more than usual when I wash, I have quite a thick head of hair & some occasional hair loss has never bothered me until now. It made me google hair loss association with the blow out. My thick hair has always been admired by most & this has totally freaked me out. Its the 1st one I’ve had, but I will surely never do it again!! how safe is the shampoo they reccommend you use? I spent so much money on it! Is it all nonsense?

  36. carol says:

    I have had 3 of these treatments and after the second one I did experience some hair loss which stopped after a couple of months. I am now into the 3rd month of hair loss with the 3rd treatment and half of my thick hair is gone, I can see my scalp in the front and it is freaking me out1 I thinK the damage is progressive and your scalp gets more “allergic” to the product the more times you use its. So EVEN IF YOU EXPERIENCE MILD HAIR LOSS LADIES DO NOT GET THIS TREATMENT AGAIN AS GUARANTEED IT WILL BE WORSE THE NEXT TIME!!!! I AM USING NEXXUS BIOTIN SCALP TREATMENT and I am still losing hair. I really don’t know what to do! Oprah’s site had a great forum on this but they took it down! there was some great remedies on there, I think one was pouring cold coffee on your hair and letting it sit for an hour but I can’t remember the rest.
    Good luck! I am going to try aloe.

  37. Tara says:

    Help. I am in the same boat. Losing tons of hair for 5 months. I lost more than half my hair. I am devastated. Please, someone, please email me at tlg531atgmail.com and tell me it grows back. I am sick over this and need support. If anyone wants to talk about it, I would love to listen. Thanks.

  38. Mary says:

    Help!! Please let me know if and when your hair grew back. I had my Brazilian Blowout in April 2012 and have lost half my hair as of October 2012. All medical tests came back fine and I’m now certain it was a direct result of the treatment. I started acupunture and biotin last week. Please respond. Thanks

  39. Monica says:

    Ladies–Try taking pre-natal pills. Thats what Ive been doing and I honestly think that they are working. I use the Spring Valley brand, you can get at Walmart or Amazon.com(Walmart is cheaper.)

    Dont give up completely. I rotate my conditioners, got a nice trim and just gonna keep babying my hair, no curling/flat irons, no extreme heat.

  40. Tara says:

    I am still losing hair after 9.5 months. I lost more than half and my scalp is more visible everyday. Does it eventually stop?? And when?? Will it grow back. I see NO regrowth and I am very scared its permanent. I had the thickest hair and now it is paper thin. Monica, how long has yours been falling out? I need hope. Anyone, please email me at tlg531atgmail.com.

  41. Tara says:

    I am still losing hair after 9.5 months. I lost more than half and my scalp is more visible everyday. Does it eventually stop?? And when?? Will it grow back. I see NO regrowth and I am very scared its permanent. I had the thickest hair and now it is paper thin. Monica, how long has yours been falling out? I need hope.

  42. Lori says:

    It will be 2 years January since my first BB and I had a second one in May. I am not noticing as much loss and thinning as in the begginning except for in the bang area. I am trying to grow them out and they get only so far and I notice tons of little short hairs again. At first I thought they were new growth but no, they are still breakage in the hair. The top of my scalp is the worst the rest if fairly thick but I am so tired of waiting for it to grow. I have been doing biotin and vitamin supplements the whole time. How long will this breakage continue. All I see are questions on here but it would be great to start seeing some answers. Help.

  43. Terri says:

    Same thing happening to me It will be a year June 8th 2013 that I had it done….I started taking Biotin about 2 weeks ago and I’m noticing a small change..apparently it takes up to 3 months to kick in..so I’ve read. The thing that’s helped also is using a special tangling comb.I bought The Tangle Teaser from sally beauty and it helps…its was when I brushed my hair when wet that it tangled sooo bad and came out…not so much when its dry..so now I wash my hair e very 3 days and am VERY CAREFUL when brushing out the tangles and such..I have a Dermatologist appt next week who specializes in hair loss..so I will re post..The worst is when I wash my hair the tangles are crazy even after deep conditioning..the yanking makes it worse..so when I shampoo I do it slowly and gently
    I also started using AVEDA I LOVE their haiproducts..its helped a bit… I just hope it grows back
    But I am searching trying to fins stories of hair that grew back..Ive heard usually after a year or so…

    But for now don’t wash everyday…and don’t yank on your hair.. and DEEP CONDITION every wash

  44. Billie Nutter says:

    Has anyone had success with stopping their hair loss? Does Rogaine help??