New Baldness Calculator To Tell You When You Go Bald

Hair loss is a very serious problem which currently affects a great deal of people, men and women of almost all ages, and it is very important to attract attention to this embarrassing condition and make everything possible to educate people on how to prevent it. Probably, that is why recently a new and very interesting online tool was launched by a group of German experts leaded by Dr Adolf Klenk, a hair loss specialist associated with the Alpecin research institute. A new online baldness calculator now can help everyone to find out when he or she is going to go bald.

If you see your hair thinning and pick more and more of your hair laces left in the drainer after shower, you can be wondering how long will it take for you to go bald.  Online baldness calculator can help you determine when your baldness is going to occur, and how fast will it develop. All you need is to answer a series of very simple questions, like whether you have dandruff or not, whether you are affected by stresses or not, if you have a family history of going bald in early ages, and so on. And you’ll receive a result, accompanied by some recommendations of the German specialist.

Rick Guttridge, a spokesman for Alpecin, made a little presentation of the new online tool to mass media. He expressed his concern about the problem of hair loss, saying: “It’s not a disease so there isn’t a cure. But what you can do is treat the condition, with medications to boost your hair.” He stressed on the role of hormonal factor in hair loss:  “What we have discovered is testosterone has a negative effect on hair loss….the testosterone makes the energy in each hair follicle run out sooner so the more testosterone a person has, the sooner they will burn out of their energy and the hair will drop out sooner.”

Therefore, if your dad or grandpa suffered from hair loss, chances are huge that you’ll have the same problem, too. If you are constantly under effects of chronic stresses, this can be a great factor as well. If you are interested in learning when and how fast you’re going to go bald, ask online baldness calculator, and you’ll open the mystery for yourself. It will help you effectively determine  “your personal baldness risk”. Click here to go to the online baldness calculator page.

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