Be Bald and Be Free Day

Be Bald And Be FreeNot many of us know that tomorrow, the 14th of October, is a day to celebrate all those who are bald. Known asĀ  Be Bald And Be Free day, this is the day to praise everyone who has lost the hair or just prefers being bald and shaves the hair off completely, like Bruce Willis or Rob Halford “The Metal God”. Actually, there are many reasons for being bald and enjoying being bald, right? Let’s take a look at some of those, and celebrate Be Bald and Be Free Day all together!

1. Being bald helps save the money. Undoubtedly, if you have no hair, you do not need to buy those various herbal shampoos, hair conditioners, and all possible hair care products which are getting more and more expensive every year. Besides, you do not need to spend money (and time) for hairdressers, for styling your hair and other useless things, right? Isn’t this brilliant? Shall I add something about combs and hair dryers?

2. You do not have to worry about things like dandruff or natural hair loss. Be bald and be free – this means not only a healthier scalp but also a healthier mind because you will be able to avoid stresses and worries related to hair loss. Thus, a bald man means a healthier man!

3. Bald men look more appealing to women. It is believed that baldness is linked to an abundance of testosterone, that’s why bald men are way more attractive to women than everyone else. Ask young ladies around you, and you’ll see that bald men look soooo sexy in their eyes. Being bald means being more successful in personal life.

4. Be BaldBald men look wiser, therefore, they have higher chances for achieving professional success. Seneca and other philosophers are great examples of how wise a bald man can be. Besides, have you ever noticed that bald men get promoted easier and faster than all others? You have not, really?

5. Bald people are very successful in sports. We can remember Michel Jordan or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. According to an old ad, bald head is an aerodynamic one, helping sportsmen not only look sexy, but be faster, stronger, and certainly more successful.

6. Bald people are our national pride. Most of our military heroes, legendary Vietnam War pilots and others (left aside Bruce Willis and other “saviors” of the universe) were bald. Be proud of being bald, be bald and be free, today – and all the time!

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