Ayurvedic Treatment For Hair Loss

Ayurvedic treatment and ayurvedic medicine are traditional approaches which have been used in India since ancient times. This approach is pretty much effective and was adopted by modern doctors as a part of alternative medicine. Ayurvedic treatment involves combining various herbal treatments with such factors as proper nutrition, aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, oil massages and so on. The ayurvedic methods are tested, easy, effective, and capable of improving your general health, as well as play a role as a hair loss treatment.

ayurvedic approach to hair loss treatmentIn the framework of ayurvedic approach to hair loss treatment, most experts will encourage you to begin with paying attention on your diet. The foods you eat should provide you with sufficient amounts of Vitamins B and C, essential fatty acids, iron, zinc, sulfur and other nutrients. In addition, you can add to your diet some manufactured products that are good sources of these nutrients.

You should add to your diet and regularly consume such food as fruit, leafy vegetables, grains, beans and milk. To speed up the effects of the treatment, oil should be regularly massaged to the scalp, that can result in better blood circulation and stimulate hair to re-grow. Ayurvedic approach to hair loss treatment recommend using such oils and Amla and Bhringaasava oils which are actually hard to find in our countries. That is why, sesame or coconut oil can be used instead.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Hair LossAlso, you can prepare special natural pastes and lotions to apply to your hair. Boiled to soft, black beans should be mashed and mixed with Fenugreek seeds. This remedy can be applied to your hair 4 times a week before washing. As a huge part of traditional ayurvedic approach, sesame seeds and sesame seed oil can also be used for hair loss treatment. Taking 1-2 drops of sesame oil every morning is believed to improve your hair quality.

In addition to these methods of ayurvedic treatment for hair loss, it is highly recommended to go in for yoga and learning meditation techniques for stress reduction. These techniques can be effective for improving the blood circulation all over the body and strengthening your overall health. The main benefit of using ayurvedic treatment for hair loss is the opportunity not only decrease hair falling out, but also improve your general health and physical condition.

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  3. sura says:

    Please give me Ayurveda solution for hair loss

  4. THEERAN SINGH says:

    To whom this may concern

    I am very desperate to find a solution for my hair fall.
    please help

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    take triphla churna 10gms, brahmi vati two times a day, apply mahabhringraj oil & deeply massage 2-3 times a week. add green leafy vegetables to ur diet,take more water.

  7. marita vaz says:

    my hairs r thinning a lot since i got food poisoning and my scalp produces oil even if i dont apply at oll. some parts are vacant and stopped producing hair n the parts i get hair is i get single thin hair and my partition is widened day by day pls help me with something as m jus 22yrs