A New Approach To Female Hair Loss Approved By The FDA

Undoubtedly, women are much more sensitive to their hair quality and suffer very hard when they are experiencing hair loss. All women want to have rich, thick and gorgeous hair. However, such factors as the environment, poor nutrition, hormonal shifts during menopause, chronic stresses, taking certain medications, improper hair care and many others very commonly cause hair loss in modern women. Fortunately, there’s a variety of available and affordable options like special shampoos, hair tonics, scalp massages with essential oils and other natural hair loss treatments. But sometimes women need something more effective and faster.

In our times, hair loss specialists come up with a great deal of new technologies and new approaches to female hair loss treatment, giving modern ladies new hopes. Recently, a special device was presented based on using laser to stimulate hair follicles and this way attempting to trigger hair re-growth. It was properly tested on a number of volunteers and the specialists from the FDA organizations approved using this hair growth stimulating device known among the experts as the HairMax Laser Comb or the MEP-90, for the general public.

It’s a low level light laser which means it can increase the hair follicles from the bio-stimulation,” Dr. Sheila Calderon of Hair Physics Medical Clinic in Frisco, Texas, says. This device can definitely assist all women who suffer from hair loss achieve better results than most of the medications, supplements, steroid shots and so on. It is enough to use the MEP-90 twice a month for the 6-month period of time, and each seance usually lasts about 10 minutes at least. At that, every two minutes the device is moved to a different pat of the scalp. However, the longest session can last for 30 minutes.

An average price for a 30 minute session is 75.00 USD. However, it is quite possible to purchase the device itself as the price for theĀ  HairMax Laser Comb varies somewhere around 500.00 USD. All of those who use this device say that this money are very well-spent. “It does make a difference when your hair is thinning on top; you are very careful outside because it’s a lot more noticeable outside in the sun,” says one of users of this magic device. It is reported that after several seances with the HairMax Laser Comb can result in showing certain improvements of hair quality.


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  1. Telogen Effluvium is when a large number of hairs are shed during
    the Telogen phase of your hair growth cycle resulting in widespread thinning among the
    hair. Initial results can remain visible within 16 months of application.