Apples, A Secret To Effective Hair Loss Treatment

Another natural hair loss remedy is reported to be discovered by a group of Japanese researchers and successfully tested by a decade of great marketing. The extracts derived from such common and worldwide available fruit as apple have shown very high efficiency against hair loss. It is effective especially for treating male type baldness, and the main active element of this newly formulated treatment is considered to be two times more powerful than the one of Minoxidil.

hair lossSeveral lasting trials involved 29 participants with different degrees of male baldness. For 6 months they were treated with a special solution with procyanidin, a naturally derived phyto compound, a polyphenol. After 6 months it was noticed that hair growth was much better, both for terminal and vellus types of hair. This trail was followed by another one, which involved 17 participants, and after 12 months of researches it was registered that 71% of the participants demonstrated impressive positive results.

Based on the results of this studies, the Japanese specialists have created a new special formula for hair loss, Medicated Mohkatsurin, which was launched recently in Japan. The product is reported to have positive effects on blood flow and has powers to activate hair follicle nutrition on cell levels, this way improving hair quality and stimulating hair growth. Therefore, general action of the product is normalize hair growth cycle, protect hair from falling out and decreasing the levels of hair loss in men.

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