Anti Hair Loss Recommendations From Dr. Oz

Everyone who is concerned about own health and well-being watches The Dr. Oz Show. Dr. Oz, or doctor Mehmet Oz, a Turkish-American medical specialist, a cardiothoracic surgeon and a professor at Columbia University, is a creator and the host of the show, which is watched my thousands of people not only in the US, but also in many countries of Europe and South America. Doctor Oz gives plenty of valuable recommendations, shares his experiences and invites qualified competent specialists to discuss various topics of modern health care.

Dr. OzDr. Oz’s Show is considered one of the best in the niche, and in 2010 it was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for “Outstanding Talk Show Episode”. In 2011, the show won two Emmy Awards for TV programs, namely the ones for Outstanding Informative Talk Show and Outstanding Talk Show Host. It is believed that the show, which has already more than 300 episodes aired in Fox 11, will have increased number of viewers in the following years. Those, who still don’t know about Dr. Oz and never considered using his valuable health rips can watch the show which airs every weekday at 3:00 p.m.

Many times Dr. Oz and his guests discussed the problem of hair loss, which is growing more and more common in modern people. For those who are losing their hair, for one of the episodes Dr. OZ invited a hair loss expert Dr. Michael Roizen, who talked about the causes and the specifics of male and female hair loss, as well as about possible solutions for this problem for both genders. In particular, he suggested to practice a good hair care, washing hair once every 2-3 days, avoid using hair irons or dries too often, using massaging hair brushes, adding walnuts, eggs, milk and green tea to our daily diet, avoid eating too much of animal fat, and so on.

In one of the recent Dr. Oz’s shows, an audience member Cynthia complained about increasing hair loss she has been experiencing. She tended to link this problem to aging. Dr Oz explained her that aging people can lose up to 100 per cent of their hair if they have certain health problems or do not follow a healthy diet. He recommended Cynthia to do a medical checkup, be sure that the function of her thyroid gland is ok, be sure that she has no hormonal irregularities and take Biotin, a special complex of vitamins B which stimulates cell growth, increases the production of fatty acids and stimulates metabolism.

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3 Responses to “Anti Hair Loss Recommendations From Dr. Oz”

  1. Raz says:

    I love the Dr. Oz show and I know with experience that your individual health plays a huge role on hair loss.

  2. Proper hair care and healthy diet are strong weapons against hair loss.

  3. Thank you for all the helpful information pertaining to hairless. I do take thyroid medications but it is getting worse. Off to the doc and off to get some Biotin. I am only 51 and this has just started 2 months ago. Thanks again for the advice. Your show is great and I enjoy all the tips you give and your a real doctor who tries naturals first and then need be prescriptions, in my world thats a real doctor and they are so hard to find… Thanks Grace