Abrupt Dietary Changes Cause Hair Loss

Dietary ChangesDiet and weight management programs are now widely advertised, but what we do not see on a diet advertisement is a girl with thinning hair. While the world’s society is fighting with extra pounds, specialists say that endless diets and dietary changes bring to other serious problems, including skin quality reduction and hair loss.

American specialists and researches at the Cleveland Clinic point on the fact that nowadays, losing extra pounds is strictly linked to hair loss. Thinning and falling out hair in women can be caused by a great number of reasons, including heredity factors, age-related hormonal shifts and changes, stresses and anxiety, pregnancy and so on. Now, experts include to this list such factor as dietary changes: in particular, abrupt diet changes cause iron deficiency, which is a known cause of heir thinning and loss.

The same can be said about the changes in levels of vitamins, fatty acids, magnesium, zinc, proteins and so on. According to Wilma Bergfeld, one of the leaders of the clinical research for the department of dermatology at the Cleveland Clinic, the increased risks of hair loss should make modern women not give up the idea of effective weight management, but make them pay more attention on their nutrition and avoid abrupt dietary changes.

She says that the most popular diets slow down metabolism and cause other various changes in chemical processes in the body. Therefore, the most effective diet plans should be directed on calorie lowering and include the foods which contain all necessary vitamins and nutrients. At the same time high protein diets, like Atkins diet, which do not include lots of veggies an fruit, can cause certain microelement deficiency and hair loss.

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