9 Common Hair Loss Myths

Hair Loss MythsHair loss is something that brings people a lot of troubles and negative emotions, that is why all of us are trying to do everything possible in order to support our hair health and reduce the risks of hair loss. We all try to learn as much as possible information about proper health care, buy only high quality hair care products from highly reputable producers, use natural remedies for hair care, as well as follow a healthy diet and an active lifestyle guidelines. We believe that we know everything about proper hair care and hair loss prevention. However, there is plenty of hair loss myths and misconceptions existing in numerous online sources making us follow wrong advices and accept wrong ideas. Below, check out some common hair loss myths from hair care experts and doctors, and keep those in mind when creating your individual hair care program.

  • Washing your hair every day causes severe hair loss. This is a wrong idea since those people whose hair is extremely oily and requires daily washing can do that provided they use special shampoo for oily hair designed for daily washing. However, in case if your hair is too oily, it is better to use some effective solution and try to treat the problem. In any way, there is no evidence of the fact that daily washing causes hair loss because there are plenty of other powerful causes of this problem.
  • Taking special vitamin supplements can stop hair loss. Certainly, taking special supplements designed to nourish your hair and support its health is a very smart and good idea. However, taking a vitamin supplement can hardly be a sufficient solution to stop hair loss. Only a complex program created for every person can work out as an effective hair loss treatment.
  • It is good to expose our hair to moderate amounts of sunlight. This is one of the most common hair loss myths, and some people believe that sunlight can actually promote hair growth and re-growth. In real, this idea is incorrect and sunlight is actually not good for our hair. That is why it is recommended to cover your hair whenever you are exposed to sunlight.
  • The problem of dandruff is strictly linked with severe hair loss. There is no association found between hair loss and dandruff, and those people who suffer from hair loss may have or may not have dandruff.
  • Wearing a wig can make hair stop growing. This is one of the strangest hair loss myths since wearing wig is nothing much different than wearing a hat or a cap. The only possible damage which can be cause by wig is hair breakage, but a long term wig wearing is not recommended since hair quality can decrease as a result of a lack of air.
  • Trimming your hair too often can contribute to hair loss prevention. This hair loss myth is based on the idea that trimming your hair makes it stronger causing reduced risks for hair loss. However, in most cases our hair loss is caused by hormonal shifts and improper lifestyle the effects of which can hardly be prevented by more frequent hair trimming.
  • Plucking grey hair can improve hair growth. Many specialists believe that plucking grey hair is actually a damaging habit which does not bring to anything good. It can cause a serious damage in hair follicles and eventually result in receding hairline.
  • Using scalp massage with essential oil is a great instant solution for hair loss. It is true that scalp massages can be used as a part of an individual hair loss treatment program, and it is very true that scalp massages with essential oils like rosemary oil, lemon oil, juniper oil, ylang ylnag oil and other oils can assist in hair loss prevention and treatment. However, there is no use in expecting fast results since scalp massages can show effects only in a ling-term perspective, and those effects will be lasting.
  • Hair loss does not affect young people. This is one of the most incorrect ideas because in our time, hair loss is a problem well familiar to even teenagers and people in their early twenties.
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