7 Nutritional Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Healthy Diet1. Avoid having high-fat, high-animal protein and high-sodium diet. It is not only harmful to many vital organs of the body, but it also increases acidity in our blood, fastening the chemical processes that usually result in hair loss.

2. Eat sufficient amounts of natural proteins and carbohydrates. They provide your body with Vitamin B and calories, necessary for normal physical and physiological activities.

3. Remember that large doses of Vitamin A and Vitamin B can be harmful to your health to some extent. In particular, an overdose of Vitamin A can even stimulate hair loss. Therefore, keep consumption of the foods containing these Vitamins under control.

4. Eat foods that contain biotin: a natural supplement from Vitamin B group which is important for making our hair stronger.

5. Keep off eating raw eggs: they content avidin which prevents useful nutrients from being absorbed.

6. Try to decrease alcohol and caffeine consumption. These substances decrease the levels of zinc, potassium, Vitamin B and Vitamin C in your body.

7. Always follow healthy diet and nutritional balance that fit your particular situation. Increase the variety of foods you eat and consume only moderately processed (or cooked) foods.

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  1. nicehair says:

    8. Avoid supplements, unless you have a personal nutitionist advising you on how to take them, or you are a nutritionist.

    Supplements can do more harm than good unless you know exactly how to use them properly.