Causes Of Female Hair Loss

female hair lossA great deal of women nowadays experience hair loss, and this symptom is usually very devastating for those ladies who find thinning hair on their crown. A lot of women go into despair when seeing receding hairline, start feeling stressed our and depressed, this way actually making the situation even worse. It is very important to learn as much as possible about the issue and calm down. Fortunately, female type hair loss is considered completely treatable, that is why there is hardly a reason for panic and depression. If you are among those ones who suffers from female type hair loss and are looking for effective solutions for this common problem, I offer you to understand what can be the causes of your problem, try to do everything possible to eliminate those, and then start looking for effective hair loss remedies. Read more »

Menopausal Hair Loss Treatments

menopausal hair lossMenopausal hair loss is a problem that many women after 50 are suffering from, however, not all of them are aware about the fact that hair loss is one of the symptoms that accompany menopause. Mood swings, hot flashes, increased irritability, night sweats, or persisting sleep disorders are among the most known symptoms of menopause, but increased hair loss and reduced hair quality are not always mentioned among the most common things that menopausal women experience. Menopause is a period in a woman’s life when serious hormonal changes take place, and such hormonal shifts are usually linked to hair thinning. It is estimated that up to 40 per cent of menopausal women experience hair loss. This means that this problem is very common. Read more »

Thyme Oil For Hair Loss

Thyme Oil for Hair LossIt is hardly possible to find more effective and more popular natural hair loss treatment than essential oils. These natural products are the best for hair loss prevention, re0growing hair and totally restoring hair quality. There is a great number of essential oils including lavender oil, rosemary oil, argan oil, sage essential oil, lemon oil, and other ones which are usually used and recommended as the best natural hair quality boost. They can be used as a part of our daily hair care: for regular scalp massages, for adding to our shampoos and other hair care products, etc. Thyme essential oils is considered one of the greatest natural products for hair loss prevention as well as a great natural assistance for making our hair look healthy and gorgeous. Read more »

A New Hair Loss Solution, Again?

new hair loss solutionMillions of people around the world are waiting for new and effective hair loss solutions. Hair loss is something that most of us suffer from, at one or another point of our life. We experience hair thinning due to various factors known as causes for hair loss: genetics, hormonal changes, chronic stresses, improper nutrition and a lack of physical activities, improper hair care and using low quality hair care products, and many more. There are two types of hair loss, female type and male type. It is considered that female type of hair loss is treatable, and as soon as the causing factors are eliminated, hair in women tends to re-grow, and it is possible to restore hair by using natural hair loss treatments like essential oils, etc. Read more »

Hair Loss After Childbirth: Causes And Solutions

Hair Loss After ChildbirthBringing a new life to this world is linked to both plenty of positive emotions and new tasks, as well as quite a few stresses and worries. Unfortunately, hair loss after childbirth is one of those negative factors which bring a lot of troubles and distress to young moms. Many of them have no idea that suffering from this problem is something absolutely common and even normal for young moms, and they start worrying and crying after seeing their receding hairline. Furthermore, they start feeling scared that their gorgeous hair will never be back and they’ll have to cope with severe hair loss in just few years. Combined with postnatal depression, this kind of thing can be really distressful. If you are suffering from hair loss and are looking for related information, go on reading this entry. Read more »

New Hair Loss Myths

Hair Loss MythsHair loss is something that most of us are very well familiar with. Nowadays, a lot of men and women know how distressful and disappointing it is seeing own receding hairline. A great deal of information and various recommendations as to preventing and slowing down hair loss is available in modern mass media and online. Such kind of information is in a great demand and many people are looking for this type of information. Unfortunately, along with true facts and really useful pieces of advice for those who are suffering from hair loss, there are a lot of facts that are simply not true and have no scientific backgrounds. Those are called hair loss myths, and if you are interested in effective technologies on stopping your hair from falling out, you should be aware about hair loss myths and know how to differ myths from the true facts. Check out some common hair loss myths below: Read more »